Skoah Newbury Review: A New Perspective on Facials

I've always been of the belief that facials are a waste of money. I can wash my face at home, right? Something happens, though, as you get older and you begin to realize that your skin isn't going to stay the same forever. It's going to get wrinkly and spotty and saggy and ew. And you're stuck with this skin And so you begin to reevaluate these previously held beliefs on facials.

This is what happened to me, anyway. And so I did my research and found myself lying atop a fluffy heated bed at skoah on Newbury back in April to receive the second facial of my life (gasp. I didn't even get one before my wedding. BIG GASP).  

I have now had three facials (one facialiscious, two fitskins) with the lovely Becca, and I have certainly seen improvement in my skin. My chin has been a breakout problem area for me for a solid eight years now. I'm talking cystic-below-the-skin-painful-acne-problem. It took some time, but I have seen only a couple of itty bitty zits pop out and ZERO cystic monsters in the past seven to eight weeks. In addition, my skin just looks better in general now that I'm sporting a nice little glow instead of dull dead skin cells.

The great thing about skoah is that they treat skincare like personal training where you work out your skin regularly, which HELLO, clearly I can get on board with. Your "personal trainer" (esthetician) provides you with a skincare plan to follow in between facials to help maximize the results. I've been slowly transitioning to nearly 100 percent skoah products as my old skincare products run out, and let me tell you, I LOVE THEM.

All in all, I'm very pleased that I changed my tune about facials. Not only am I happy with the results I'm experiencing now, but I think I'll also be happy in 20 years when I know I've done what is best for my skin. What's your view on facials? Love 'em or feel they're unnecessary?

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