the weekend: fun + no fun edition

It's really Monday already? I never understand how the weekends fly by so quickly, but it's sad. This weekend was a good one even though it ended a bit poorly.

Friday night was girls night! We enjoyed a tasty dinner at Carrie Nation before checking out their speakeasy and then heading across the street to 6B Lounge for 90's night. Genie in a Bottle anyone?

Justin and I made a spontaneous decision on Saturday to go to the Red Sox game! It was my first of the season, and it was a win for the Red Sox. We followed up the game by enjoying a couple of drinks at Jerry Remy's before heading home for the night. 

I felt a cold coming on Friday night, but I refused for it to ruin my weekend fun, so I powered through. I started to really pay for it Saturday night, and I definitely paid for it all day on Sunday. Therefore, all day Sunday was spent spooning tissues and cough drops on the couch. Isn't that everyone's idea of an enjoyable Sunday? Thankfully, my wonderful husband took excellent care of me, and I almost never had to leave the couch. Two points for hubs. 

Now if we could all say a little prayer that this little cold goes back to where it came from before next weekend that would be great. We'll be heading back to the Midwest for a wedding, and I can't have a cold slowing my roll!
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