Fancy Schmancy Strappy Sports Bras

I have a newfound appreciation for fancy, strappy sports bras. It's an activewear purchase that I put on the back burner at times, but after recently purchasing and falling in love with the Lululemon Free To Be Wild Bra (currently sold out), I'm now inspired to rock the strappiest and most intricate of sports bras I can find. There's a decent chance that I care more about the look of the bra rather than the level of support it provides, because I just don't have that much to support if you get my drift... But hey, you have to take advantage of the few situations that favor the little gals when you can! Check out some of my top picks below.

top left: Lululemon Energy Bra, top right: Free People Lattice Back Bra, center: Lululemon Free To Be Bra *Wild (sold out, but available on eBay!), bottom left: Karma Lynne Bra, bottom right: Karma Wear Zelda Bra

Do you like the strappy look or do you prefer to keep it simple?

The Weekend: Inaccurate Weather Man Edition

As promised, today I'm getting all caught up and recapping this past weekend! The weather was supposed to be horrendous. Lots and lots of rain. To my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be gorgeous. These are the times when I love the weather man's inaccuracy. 

We took full advantage with a long walk through the city to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art, where we got our weekend dose of culture. Then we switched gears and hopped right on over to the Barking Crab and grabbed a couple of drinks. It's definitely one of our favorite summer spots, and it was great to be able to get back out there! We finished off the day with way too much sushi at Snappy Sushi thanks to a Gilt City deal.

On Sunday, we headed out for a round of golf. Yes, that's me up there looking like a pterodactyl. This was the first time since moving to Boston that we've gone out and played together. My extended hiatus was evident in my performance. I had my fair share of nasty shots and lost balls, but it still felt good to play. Here's to improving my game over the coming months! 

The Weekend: Overdue Wedding Edition

If I can't blog on the weekends, it just doesn't get done... which is coincidentally what happened last weekend! We headed back to the midwest for the wedding of two friends. We flew into Chicago Friday night, and then headed down to Purdue Saturday morning for the wedding festivities. 

It was a great weekend, and it's always so nice to see friends when you live so far away! For those of you who are confused, the picture in the middle right is a Pure Barre pose. The bride is a fellow addict, so obviously we share this common bond and had to get an LTB pose in :) 

Our flight coming home got delayed due to storms in the area, so we ended up landing back in Boston around 1 A.M. This obviously made for a groggy Monday, but it was well worth it :)

I'll be back at some point this week with an update on this past weekend!

the weekend: fun + no fun edition

It's really Monday already? I never understand how the weekends fly by so quickly, but it's sad. This weekend was a good one even though it ended a bit poorly.

Friday night was girls night! We enjoyed a tasty dinner at Carrie Nation before checking out their speakeasy and then heading across the street to 6B Lounge for 90's night. Genie in a Bottle anyone?

Justin and I made a spontaneous decision on Saturday to go to the Red Sox game! It was my first of the season, and it was a win for the Red Sox. We followed up the game by enjoying a couple of drinks at Jerry Remy's before heading home for the night. 

I felt a cold coming on Friday night, but I refused for it to ruin my weekend fun, so I powered through. I started to really pay for it Saturday night, and I definitely paid for it all day on Sunday. Therefore, all day Sunday was spent spooning tissues and cough drops on the couch. Isn't that everyone's idea of an enjoyable Sunday? Thankfully, my wonderful husband took excellent care of me, and I almost never had to leave the couch. Two points for hubs. 

Now if we could all say a little prayer that this little cold goes back to where it came from before next weekend that would be great. We'll be heading back to the Midwest for a wedding, and I can't have a cold slowing my roll!
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