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For those of you who don't know, I am a self-admitted Pure Barre addict. I've been going since January of 2013, and I don't intend on stopping anytime soon. As with anything, the more you go to Pure Barre, the more you learn, and you really start to improve. There are some things I wish I would've known from day one. So, today I'll be sharing 10 little nuggets of Pure Barre knowledge I've acquired over the past 15 months.

1. Listen to your instructor. With so much going on with your body, this can be difficult. I know you want to go somewhere else mentally, but tune in. If you listen to the little things she says, it can make a huge difference. During most exercises, she will tell you where exactly you're supposed to be feeling it and exactly which muscle(s) you should be working from. She will also give bits of advice to improve your form. Things such as turning your inner thigh towards the ceiling or making sure your shoulders are stacked over your hips can make a big difference. So tune in and listen. Your instructor knows what's up.

2. Embrace the shake. This is a common phrase you hear in class. When you first feel "the shake", it's probably going to feel unlike anything you've ever felt before (think earthquake inside the body). I can promise you that shaking is definitely a good thing, though. Learn to love it. When you shake, it means your muscles are reaching the point of fatigue. This is your body changing, so work it, girlfriend.

3. Some days you are stronger than others. I have days where I feel like I can conquer the (Pure Barre) world and others where I feel like I have to come out of everything. If I had to attribute this to something, it would probably be diet. Don't get discouraged just because you came out of a thigh sprint or three. We are all human. There's always tomorrow to dig a little deeper.

4. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT wear shorts. You are required to wear capris, pants or leggings. This helps in increasing your flexibility (think warm muscles), but it also helps in avoiding a peep show. Sometimes you have to sit on the ground with your legs apart. Just think about that.

5. An inch is only one inch, and the diameter of a dime is only .705 inches. [yes, I looked that up] When your instructor says "Up an inch, down an inch" or "Trace a dime with your toe", take this literally. These are not metaphors. In many parts of class you are making tiny movements. I mean teeny-tiny-sometimes-barely-visible. The movements are so tiny because you're contracting the deepest part of your muscle and working from there. This may be the hardest part to "get" because most exercises incorporate large movements. In barre, you really have to think about the muscle you're targeting, and let that muscle lead the movement. For instance, in flat back, the exercise may require you to drag your feet. Your feet drag as a result of the contraction of your abs; not as a result of you moving your legs. Therefore, your feet may barely move. Think about what muscle you're supposed to be working, and concentrate on it.

6. Buy the sticky socks. Holding a 90 second plank or holding your feet in place during chair is difficult enough. Take the added element of slipping feet out of it so that you can focus on the exercise.

7. If it's easy, you're not doing it right. No really. You're not. Nothing about this class is easy. If there is any part of class that's easy for you or that you don't understand, ask your instructor questions after class. Get that bang for your buck, girl.

8. Close your eyes. I swear I have my eyes closed for half of class. Some days it's the only way I can focus. Closing my eyes really helps me in envisioning the muscle I'm working and focusing on it. Don't feel silly about it either. Everyone is too worried about themselves to notice what you're doing anyway.

9. Listen to your body. I struggle with this one big time. Sometimes your body doesn't actually want you to lift, tone and burn it seven days in a row. And sometimes you've overextended in stretching and need to stop doing your left split for a while (*cough* me *cough*). If your body is telling you not to do something, don't do it. We all need to rest every once in a while. In the same regard, if you need a modifcation for an exercise, talk to your instructor. I swear they have modifications for everything and will be able to suit your needs.

10. Commit to at least 3 classes. You're not going to walk in on day one and be a Pure Barre rockstar, and no one expects you to. This is a technique that takes time to understand and master. I've been going for 15 months, and I am still learning and finding ways to improve. I remember walking out of my first class thinking that it wasn't too difficult. That's because I had no idea what I was doing. Do yourself a favor and give this class more than one shot. 

Fellow Pure Barre goers, is there anything else you would add? 


P!nky said...

I've never taken Pure Barre, but am very curious about taking a class or two. I just have to find one in my area, and am a bit apprehensive of the price, since I already belong to a gym, that I love.

According to Jax said...

Great tips! Especially about the socks, because my feet always slipped when I did this class. Unfortunately the classes are SOOOO EXPENSIVE and they are SOOO FULL which I hate. But I'd really like to get into it again.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You're seriously a rockstar. I bought a Groupon for 10 classes and made it to three. I am so out of shape and although it doesn't seem high intensity, it was enough cardio to cause me to have asthma attacks. I should've pushed myself, but I would legit almost pass out each time. I envy people who can go to the classes!

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