Wedding Wednesday: Registry Wants

While my fiancé and I have discussed how wonderful it's going to be to register for (and receive) wedding gifts, we have yet to actually do so. I just learned yesterday that you can register through Amazon! Awesome, no? If and when we register on Amazon, these ADORABLE mugs by Ashley Brooke Designs must be on it. 

Are they not the cutest? I feel pretty certain that sipping my morning coffee out of a Mrs. Fancy Pants mug would make each day a little brighter :)

If you haven't checked out Ashley Brooke Designs' shop, I insist you go now. You can thank me later :)

Family Photos: The Pines

This photo session is obviously from this past Fall, but this family is too precious not to share with you all!

The Weekend: Cake + Shoes Edition

Happy Monday, loves! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Mine wasn't too bad if I do say so myself.  My Friday night began with the grand opening party at Pure Barre Boston. I must say this is the first fitness studio or gym I've gone to that throws a serious party for their clients. There was food, adorable drinks (lift, tone, burn bubbly + a tuck-tini), a DJ, massages, and hair stylists among other things. Other things like cake and cake pops. You say cake, I'm there.  I just had to go back the next morning to burn it off :)

Saturday was filled with a Pure Barre class in the morning, some shoe shopping, and neighborhood hunting. And Sunday involved church, another PB class, chili, and banana bread. In case you were wondering, that Whole30 thing never happened.  On the bright side though, my sweet tooth is still very happy with me.

I won't bore you with all of the other mundane details, so that about wraps it up! How was your weekend?

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Pure Barre 30 Day Challenge

I have fallen in love, you guys. And of all the things I could fall in love with, I have fallen for a workout.  Bet you didn't see that one coming...

I started going to the new Pure Barre studio in Boston at the beginning of January, and I quickly realized that this was unlike any other workout I had tried.  The simple fact that I wanted to go set this apart from previous fitness regimes I had tried.  I was actually quite distraught last week when my schedule only allowed me to go 4 times. True story. Not only do I want to go, I can see results. And that's what we all want, right?

photos taken from the PureBarre website

So, I am on a mission to go to class 30 days in a row. Since I went yesterday, today is technically day 2.  This may not seem like too much of a challenge taking into account that I just raved about it for the majority of this post. The challenge isn't so much going as it is fitting it into my schedule.  My downfall is usually when I have something going on after work. My solution to this "problem"? Taking a 6 am class. Yes, it's early, but it is so worth it. 

And why am I sharing this with you? To hold me accountable, of course! And to hopefully inspire one of you to take on a 30 day fitness challenge of your own, whether it be Pure Barre or a different workout of your choice. Bathing suit season is slowly, but surely creeping up on us. Who's in?!

Wedding Wednesday: Love(ly) Prints

So I'm about a week late on the whole love thing, but it is Wedding Wednesday, and love is always awesome, right? Right!  I'm hoping to incorporate a few love prints into our wedding decor in some way. By the way, did I announce our wedding date? If not, the big day is going to be November 9, 2013! We are officially under the 9 month mark :) 

Back to the task at hand... I've been bookmarking and/or pinning some of my favorite prints when I come across them on the internetz.  Here are a few of my favorites so far!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I have a few ideas as to how these can be incorporated, but I don't want to give away all of the fun details because some of the guests do read this little blog. So how would you incorporate these?

Random Wednesday: Squash & Snow

I had very serious intentions of starting the Whole30 this coming Monday.  I had been eating healthier/more paleo-ish (is that a word?) this week in order to ease myself into it. And then I had spaghetti squash.


I slaved away in the kitchen for over an hour making the sauce and the squash only to be so incredibly disappointed with the outcome. I forced maybe three bites down and then turned to my trusty graham crackers and marshmallow fluff to comfort me after my horrible experience.

Spaghetti squash is not pasta, you guys. It is actually nothing like pasta. It's sweet. Pasta is not sweet. So this experience totally threw me off course. I LOVE pasta, and I was counting on this to be a legitimate substitute.  I'm really questioning whether or not I can do this now...

In other news, that crazy amount of snow is finally starting to melt a bit!  It really was beautiful... for the first 24 hours at least. And now, I would just really like for Spring to make its arrival! I sort of enjoy the colder temps through December. It's all festive and everything. But right around this time every year I start to question my sanity.  Who chooses to live in these conditions? Homegirl needs some sunshine and 70+ degree temps STAT. Southern California isn't sounding all that bad... who needs a visitor?
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The Weekend: Nemo Edition

Unless you've been avoiding all forms of news and social media over the past few days, you know that a blizzard hit us pretty hard up here in the Northeast. Justin was out in California for work, so I was left to entertain my snowed-in self for a few days. Now, what's a girl to do in this situation? Well, she paints her nails, watches the whole first season of Revenge (SO GOOD), and shovels out her fiancé's car (fiancée of the year awards welcome). 

...and if you're me, you venture out into the blizzard and take pictures! You all should expect nothing less from me :)

Those are buried cars!

So, there's Nemo in all its (his? her?) glory! How was your weekend? Was it snow-filled like mine or was Mother Nature more kind to you?

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Happy {very snowy} Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  Just wanted to drop in and wish you all a fabulous weekend.  And to those of you in Nemo's path (as I am), stay warm and safe! I hope to be able to get out tomorrow and capture some pictures of the blizzard to share with you all next week. Mother Nature may have other plans for me, but hopefully not :) 


Asking My Bridesmaids!

So, I'll be honest.  I had been thinking about how I would ask my friends to be my bridesmaids since before I got engaged. Crazy? Perhaps. But, hey. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. amiright?

So when the time came, I had a pretty good idea of how I would pop the question, but I did some additional research just to be sure.  In the end, I came back to my original idea: the cigar box. Ch-ch-check it out!

I started with unfinished cigar boxes which I purchased from Jo-Ann's.  I gave them each a few coats of white paint, and then continued on with adding their names after it dried. And, NO, I did not write, stencil, or freehand the names. I wish, but I am certainly not that talented.  I ordered vinyl lettering from Words Anywhere.  I was able to select the font, color, and size of the lettering, as well as create personalized lettering (names & "be my bridesmaid?").  After applying the lettering, I used a stencil to outline the name on top of the box, and then painted the remaining top of the box black.

I stuffed the inside with a bottle of wine, a heart-topped corkscrew, little love candies in a "love" package, and three little pieces of paper with information on the big day, who the other bridesmaids are along with their email addresses, and the "role" of a bridesmaid. And don't worry. I did NOT go all bridezilla about the role. It was nice. I promise :)

I picked up some pretty paper, glittery ribbon, scallop scissors and heart stamps at Paper Source to put this little packet together.  

And then since the wine bottles were too big to allow the box to close, I tied it all up with a ribbon :)

This was not what I would classify as a quick or easy project, but it was fun and well worth the work! How did you ask or how do you plan to ask your bridesmaids?

*Since we are all about giving credit where it is due in this lovely blogosphere, I wanted to note that this idea came from this fabulous blog.  Obviously, I made modifications to make it my own, but this is where the overall idea came from!

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