the weekend: wedding + locked in the bathroom edition

If it wasn't obvious from the pictures above, I went to a wedding this weekend! The gorgeous venue was in Boylston, MA at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens. It was a beautiful place, and the weather really couldn't have been better for an outdoor ceremony. 75 degrees and sunny? That is the definition of perfect weather.

Here's a fun story for you: the festivities were held about an hour outside of Boston. The bride and groom kindly rented two coach busses to shuttle everyone to and from the wedding. One of my friend's fiancĂ©'s used the restroom when we were about 20 minutes from arriving. And then... he got stuck in the bathroom. I mean, literally locked in the bus bathroom.  The door would not open. After multiple attempts to MacGyver him out, we came to the conclusion that this one would have to wait until we arrived.  Upon arrival, the poor guy had to jump out of the emergency exit from the bathroom.  This, my friends, is a true story.  In hindsight, it's best that it happened to a guy and not a girl.  I don't know too many females who would entertain the idea of jumping out of a bus window in a dress and heels.  Other highlights from the evening include a gorgeous bride, dancing the night away, and of course, getting to Rent the Runway :)

I hope your weekends were full of fun and not getting locked into bathrooms. Have a good Monday!

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Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

i love the dress you wore to the wedding!!! you are gorgeous!

Amy Powell said...

omg how embarrassing & hilarious! at least it wasn't a girl in a dress/heels. that would have been very sad.

love your dress! looks awesome.

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

Allison said...

That looks like such a gorgeous wedding venue! Love the dress you wore :) And ew, I can't even imagine being locked in one of those bathrooms!

Alissa Kelly said...

THat is crazy- I'm glad it didn't happen to a female! lol I'd be so upset if that happened to me! And you look gorgeous FYI


selina james said...

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