the pines family: take 2

Thank you all for your kind and supportive words yesterday! It means a lot to know there are other bloggers out there who have the same feelings that I do. I will happily continue to plug along here knowing that there are some really wonderful and genuine people out there :)

And back to your regular scheduled programming... today I want to share a few pictures from a session earlier in the summer.  It was my second time working with the Pines family, and they were a delight! 


Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

Love them! I know we had sent some emails back and forth about starting up a photog biz and what not. I finally started!!! Back in April, Summer is rather slow due to the heat on the east coast, but I have some shoots coming up very soon!

Here's my FB page:

s said...

breathtaking PHOTOS! LOVEEE! xO!


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