The Weekend: Sweet Summertime Edition

This weekend was made of all the things a perfect summer weekend are made of.  Friday really couldn't have started off better. Why, you ask? Because our engagement photos were featured on STYLE ME PRETTY. I was just a little bit excited about it. 

Moving on to  the rest of the weekend now..Justin and I kicked off our Friday night by sharing a fishbowl margarita on a sunny outdoor patio. It was one of those situations where we didn't understand the true meaning of the word "fishbowl" until our waitress sat it on our table.  It was larger than we expected, but we had no problem taking care of it. 

After a much needed Pure Barre workout Saturday morning, we spent a few hours at the beach. Luckily for my sweet tooth, we topped off the day with ice cream. The evening involved a friend's housewarming party which coincidentally resulted in temporary tattoos. Yes, that's the speck on my arm in the picture above. I decided to go with Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. Winning choice, I know.

We spent much of the day on Sunday shopping and taking in the beauty of the city.  We struck out shopping and came home empty handed, but the beauty of Boston definitely didn't disappoint us :)

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Our Engagement Photos! [part 1]

We got our engagement pictures back about a month and a half ago, and I have been dying to share them with you all. I really could not be happier with how they turned out, and I owe all of that happiness to our incredible photographer, Megan of Megan W Photography.  I've known Megan since high school, and I started following her work on Facebook when she started up her business.  It didn't take me long to decide that she would absolutely be shooting my engagement pictures and wedding one day. When we got engaged, I did zero photographer shopping and contacted Megan immediately.  Yes, that's how dead set I was. Her work is second to none, and she even surpassed my crazy high expectations. I'll let the photos speak for themselves though :)

I seriously couldn't narrow my favorites down to an acceptable amount, so this is part 1 of a 2 part blog post...

And yes, apparently I really like black and white photos. The first half of these were shot at the Boston Public Library, and the second half were shot on Acorn Street in Beacon Hill.  Be on the lookout for the rest of our session soon!

Food, Five Months + Free Flowers

Comcast was not my friend last week. They were not interested in supplying the internet connection that we are paying for, and therefore, blogging was not an option. Enough about that, though. 

While I'm sure you would love to hear me rehash every detail of the past week and a half of my life, I'm just not going to do that. We have finally had two weekends at home since moving into our new place in Cambridge! Let me tell you what this new neighborhood has done really well so far - FED US. MY GOSH. There is some good food up in hurr - and the pricetag for that food is not as steep as it was in our previous neighborhood. #win

And just to explain a couple of these pics that you may be confused about... [top right] We are not waving at you (as my mother thought when I sent her the picture). We are holding up FIVE fingers because as of June 9, there are only FIVE months left until we tie the knot! [bottom right] Kind was handing out free flowers on Saturday! They encouraged you to then pass it on to brighten someone's day. Sad side story: I dropped my flower into someone's bike basket outside of the grocery store. When I walked by the next day, the rose was still in the basket and dying. #fail Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right?

Have a very happy Tuesday, y'all! And say a prayer that my internetz don't go out again!


Photo Session: Agnes + Maurice

I had the great pleasure of capturing some photos for Agnes of Spoons and Stilettos a few weeks ago. Her boyfriend came along, so I was sure to get a few cutesy couples photos for them as well :)

Pure Barre 100 Club!

That's right y'all. Yours truly is officially a member of the 100 Club! For those of you not familiar with this PB lingo, you become a member of the 100 club when you attend 100 Pure Barre classes. I'm a bit overdue on reporting the good news, but May 22 was my 100th class. Here I am just before taking on the milestone class.  

pure barre 100 club

Forgive me for the sleepy eyes. I had just woken up shortly before. And yes, there is a special barre that you get to sign! 

If you look back to my New Year's resolution post, you'll see that one of my resolutions was to work out 10 times a month.  My first PB class was January 1, so I was ecstatic that I reached 100 classes in less than 5 months. I may not have been successful in all of my resolutions, but here's proof that I was successful in one ;)

As if reaching this milestone wasn't enough, my wonderful fiancĂ© gifted me with a "congrats" card and some well-deserved yummy treats that evening! I'm quite the lucky gal :)

The Weekend: Belated Memorial Day Edition

To say I have a lot to catch you up on would be a gross understatement. May was super busy, but now that things have slowed down a bit I'm hoping I can get back to my regular blogging schedule. I figured Memorial Day weekend would be a good place to start.  I headed down to the great state of Texas to spend some QT with two of my besties. It was my first trip to the Lonestar State, and it did not disappoint!

Friday night was spent on 7th Street in Fort Worth. We followed up a tasty Italian dinner with tabletop s'mores. Can you say YUM? Seriously a genius idea, and if someone doesn't bring this delicious treat to Boston soon I'm going to open up my own restaurant.  

After a wonderful tour of Fort Worth on Saturday by our tour guide, Brittany, we went out real Texas-style in the Stockyards that night. We went to a place called Billy Bob's if that gives you any indication of just how "Texas" this was. We busted out our cowboy boots (see above middle for proof) and tried our hands feet at two-stepping. Let's just say I have a lot to learn in the two-stepping department, but we had a blast trying/annoying everyone around us who took it seriously.

Sunday involved some much needed recovery after all of our "two-stepping" on Saturday night.  We filled the day with a decadent brunch and some much-needed pool time before flying out early the next morning!

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