Pure Barre 30 Day Challenge Results

Well, my friends, the results from my challenge are in... 

...and I have good news! I successfully completed the 30 day challenge, and I feel amazing!

As I mentioned on my 16 day update, I have more definition in my muscles which still rings true on day 30. Not only do I see more definition, I feel stronger and can push myself further.  My flexibility has improved leaps and bounds.  I'm not all the way to a full split but I am a whole lot closer than I was previously.  I think the last time I did the splits was about 10 years ago, so the fact that I've improved so much in such a short amount of time thrills me. My form has improved, which is important in barre in order to receive the full benefit from the exercise.  I feel that I find something relating to form during every class that I can improve on just a little bit more, which in turn makes the exercise more effective.

I've had people ask me if it's ok to do this every single day for 30 days. Yes, it is.  Most of us have been taught that we need a day of rest every now and then, which is true for the majority of exercises.  Pure Barre is actually designed so that you can safely do it every day. I even asked Lauren, the owner of PB Boston about this to confirm.  And my body and muscles will double confirm it :)  I never once throughout the 30 days felt like I was harming my body by going every day.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, I STILL LOVE IT!  In addition to the exercise itself, the instructors make the classes so wonderful to go to.  I felt I was being cheered on and encouraged every step of the way of this challenge.  My instructor last night, Courtney, even publicly congratulated me in front of the class on completing my 30 days, which I definitely wasn't expecting.  The personal attention, encouragement, and appreciation like this is definitely part of what keeps me coming back for more.  I'm giving myself a break today, but I will happily be back lifting, toning and burning tomorrow, and I can't wait!


Alissa Kelly said...

Congrats on the 30 days girl! That is so awesome!! I really need to get into shape.. I've been running but this weather keeps me from going outside. So annoying!


Little Miss Runshine said...

Congrats Morgan!!! I can't wait to LTB with you!:)

Lindsay Kauffman said...

Congrats Girl! That is amazing! I don't think I've done anything 30 days in a row and def not working out lol! I will have to look into Pure Barr, sounds so fun!

Abigailsterling said...

Congrats!! Such an accomplishment :)

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

yay!! so happy for you...and so jealous!! haha I love the personal "attachment" (i dunno how to describe it) the studios give clients...when I go back after not being there for months all the instructors and receptionist remember me and welcome me back and it feels so nice!! one more month and I'm back/..i hope!! hahaha

Kristin said...

Wow, that's amazing!! Congrats! I've been wearing about Pure Barr and I'm not sure I'm cut out for it haha. I might try it one day!!!


Kristin said...


Sam said...

Love! So glad you stuck with it & now get to experience the satisfaction of getting it done!! By the way, I LOVED it when I tried it so thanks for the recommendation.

Sheri Ann || Sprinkles and Style said...

Congrats on 30 days girl! Quite the accomplishment - and a healthy one at that! Way to go! Wish I had that discipline and drive :]

Georgina Castellucci said...

You're such an inspiration Morgan! Thank you for sharing this journey with us, it will definitely motivate others to get back on track xo

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