Think About It Thursday

When I saw this quote yesterday, I immediately knew that it would be my Think About It Thursday pick. Sometimes, things like this just pop up at the perfect time, and for that, I am thankful. 

It's so easy to blame our situations or actions on outlying circumstances, when really to some extent WE control them. You can't always control what happens to you, but you do have control over how you react. So friends, here's to directing the sail! :)

The Weekend.

As promised, here is your weekend recap!

Unfortunately, I only took two pictures on Friday night and they are incredibly out of focus, so this recap starts on Saturday.

After brunch and a little shopping, we took a little bike ride through the city.

Saturday evening in the city! Please ignore the light shining out of my head.

In Seaport.

And then we went here. The Barking Crab. AKA my new favorite place in Boston.

And we had oysters!

with the bf.

Before the Red Sox game on Memorial Day on Yawkey Way!

Annnnd that about wraps it up! Hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!


As expected, this weekend was filled with amazingness. I'll share all of the deets and the photo documentation with you tomorrow. For now, though, I want to share with you some other amazingness. Amazingness I refer to as DailyLook. If I'm late to the game here, and you already know about this, then my apologies for living under a rock. If you haven't, allow me to introduce you...

When you sign up to receive their emails, DailyLook sends you 2 looks per day (in one email). You can then buy any or all of the pieces at ridiculously good prices.  Here are some examples of last week's looks.

Floral shorts? Oh, those will be $24.95. Peep toe wedges anyone? A measly $29.95.

This was Friday's look. Blazer - $39.95. Green blouse - $32.95. If I haven't convinced you yet, then it's probably a lost cause. Just do yourself a little favesie and sign up. It'll brighten up your Tuesday after the long weekend :)

You can sign up by clicking {here}.

Btw, have you voted for yours truly in the Sperry wedges styling contest yet? Tomorrow is the last day, so if you haven't voted feel free to do so before then. Just click {here} :)

I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it.

I'm skipping out on Friday's Fancies this week. "Why?", you ask. Because I want to tell you how excited I am for this weekend. Yes, it's a three day weekend, and that puts a smile on my face. But here's the real highlight: one of my besties from college is visiting. We met freshman year while living next door to each other in the dorms (shout out to Foster Harper 7th floor short bus) and then lived together for the following three years. She now lives in Atlanta, so we only get to see each other about once a year.  Here's a very small sampling of the thousands (I mean this very literally) of pictures of us in college.

As you can see, fun was never lacking. We have managed to tame ourselves a bit since those days. Here we are last summer in Nashville.

Although, I did end up on this massive bird by the end of the night.

So I'm anxious to see what kind of shenanigans we'll find ourselves in this weekend. I'll be sure to give you the full report next week :)

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend, lovers!!


Fedoras aren't a new thing. I know that. I've just never worn one for fear of not being able to pull it off. There's something about blogging though that gives you the courage to try new things. Things such as wearing a fedora. And I'm thinking if these ladies can pull it off, then why can't I?

Here are a few of my fave fedora-ble finds:

Which fedora is your favorite?

I'm also over at Classic & Glam today sharing some fun info on Boston! Pop over and say hello :) 

Fishs Eddy

The bf and I are in the process of putting a bar/bar cart in our apartment and have therefore been looking for unique barware and bar accessories.  A friend of mine suggested checking out Fishs Eddy, a store in NYC. Obviously, I do not live in NYC, but you can order from their website! I checked it out, and they have some of the cutest stuff. I present to you exhibit A:

1. Bar Recipe Glasses / $22
2. Artist Palette Cheese Tray / $29.95
3. Polka Dot Napkin Ring / $2.95
4. Elizabeth Pitcher / $89.95

I'm fully aware that really only one of these items is considered barware. I wouldn't turn down the other items though. Ya know, if someone wanted to buy me a gift. Just as I accepted Cinco de Mayo gifts, I'm also accepting Memorial Day gifts. Just sayin'.

The Weekend.

Happy Monday, lovers! I'm sad to say goodbye to a fabulous weekend, but I will continue to relive it throughout the day through these images:

Friday night: what I wore

Hot Dog Safari. Yes. I'm serious.

Enjoying some disguised adult beverages on the dock with the bf.

Sunset on the Charles.

Winding down Sunday evening in the Public Garden.

Sunday evening dinner at Cheers!
Other highlights included a trip to the Sowa market Sunday morning and scoring some vintage bar ware, Sunday afternoon cocktails with friends, and SELLING MY CAR! YAY. I am now officially carless and fully dependent on public transportation and also super happy about it. So that was my weekend. And I'm now looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend when I have one of my best friends from college visiting!

How was your weekend?!

Friday's Fancies: A Day With Chambray

It's no secret that I like chambray. I wore it {here}, and have included it in outfits {here} and {here}. For the short amount of time that I've owned my chambray button down, I've worn it more times than is socially acceptable. So creating "a day with chambray" outfit? No problemo.
Bag / Chambray / Shorts / Fedora / Necklace / Wedges
I don't know what's up with the neutral colored Friday's Fancies looks I've put together lately, but it's whatevs. I'll roll with it. There are truly a million different ways you can go with the chambray look, because it's such a versatile piece. As you can see, I went the high-waisted floral shorts route. Also, have I been living under a rock?  This was my first encounter with this Kate Spade necklace. I'm in love. Too bad it's nearly $400. Here's the good news: it reminds me a lot of the Spike the Punch Addison necklace (currently not in stock) which is about 1/8 of the price.  Looks like I'll be doing some Spike the Punch stalking until it's available again!

For more chambray looks, visit {long distance loving}!

I'm also linking up with Blonde Episodes today!

Have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend, my pretties!

Eye Fancy: J. Crew Maritime Dress

Yes, it's a play on words. Eye (as in my eye and also myself) fancy this dress. It was announced at work this week that we will have a casual SUMMER. That's right. A whole summer of casualness. So, my shopping eye has turned from business casual pieces to straight up casual pieces, and I could not be happier about it. I just so happen to think that this sweet J. Crew dress fits the casual work wear bill perfectly. And what's even better? IT'S ON SALE. Sign a sister up.

Even after casual summer is over, I think this would still look super cute for a fall weekend paired with riding boots.

Leaf Bracelet / Brown Bracelets / Watch (similar) / Dress / Necklace / Sandals / Boots

See. All you have to do is change your shoes. Versatility always steals my heart.

Bon Appetit: Six Layer Mexican Dip

This is one of my favorite appetizers ever. It's easy to make, and it's always a big hit at parties and get togethers. Technically, it's supposed to be 7 layers. Olives are not my friend, though, so they get the boot when I'm the chef. If you're an olive fan, feel free to throw those in and make it 7 layers. Now let's get to cookin'...

1 can of Frito Lay Bean Dip (9 oz.)
8 oz. guacamole
1/2 cup sour cream
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/2 pkg. taco seasoning
1/8 of a small onion, chopped
1/4 of a tomato, chopped
1 pkg. shredded cheese

First, spread the can of bean dip into a circle, about 9-12 inches in diameter. Then spread the guacamole over the bean dip.

In a small bowl, mix together the sour cream, mayonnaise, and taco seasoning. Spread over the guacamole.

Add the layer of onion. This is my warning. BE CAREFUL with the onion. I've added too much, and it was definitely not pretty. After you have CAREFULLY added the onion, add the tomato layer.

Last, but not least, add the package of cheese and serve with tortilla chips!

A couple of sidenotes:
-If you would like to add olives, just buy a small can of sliced olives, drain them, and add right before or after the tomato layer.
-The cheese: the recipe calls for a full package, but I use closer to 3/4, and it seems to be plenty. Also - any shredded cheese will do. I used a Mexican blend this time, but I've used cheddar and cheddar jack in the past.
-If you will not be serving this immediately, hold off on the last two layers and add them on right before serving.  The tomatoes can sometimes make it a little soggy.


Hunter Wellies: Practical, Stylish, or Both?

So apparently not only does April bring showers, but May does too. We've been blessed with some gorgeous weekend weather here in Boston lately, but the weekday weather hasn't been quite as pleasant. I've seen more rain than I'd like to lately. And since moving into the city, I commute to work via public transportation which means I'm outside slopping through those lovely rain puddles. So what does all of this mean? It means I need rain boots. And I need them right now.

Now, I know everyone and their mother has a pair of Hunter Wellies, and I'd be lying if I said I'm not dying to buy a pair. My question is though, are they worth it?

Hunter / J. Crew / Chinese Laundry
Clearly, these all look very similar. What I'm most interested in is the quality. I don't mind paying more for something if I'm getting my money's worth. But if buying the Hunters is more about wearing the brand than keeping your feet dry, send me the $32 Chinese Laundry pair and let's call it a day. So please enlighten me - should I shell out the dough or keep my wallet padded and opt for a more affordable pair?

Summer Bag Choice: Brahmin Polka Dots

I could really use a new summer bag, and I just so happen to be in love with the Brahmin polka dot collection. The polka dots give the bags a fun feel, but I like that they still have a chic look to them. I think any of the below would make for a fantastic summer option.

Vivian Polka Dot Dome
Frankie Polka Dot Tote

Marilyn Polka Dot Back Pack
Jody Polka Dot Crossbody

The Vivian is my favorite, but I have a very similar MK bag right now, and I really get sick of holding it on my forearm all the time. I like the look of it, but in terms of practicality it's not my first choice.  So I guess that would make the Frankie my first choice in terms of practicality. It's a good size and you can throw it over your shoulder. As for the back pack, I stopped wearing back pack purses a good 15 years ago, but if I was going to rock one again, this would definitely be it. Which style is your favorite? And which color would you go for?

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