It's College-Missing Season

It's so strange. I loved college and everything that came with it, but as I've discussed before, I don't miss it. I love where I'm at in life and never miss it. Never, except for right now. Back to school time. It makes me miss my alma mater terribly. And I don't just miss the "fun" aspects of it, I actually miss going to class. Yes, you read that right. GOING TO CLASS.  Call me a nerd, but I miss it. 

After thinking about this once-a-year yearning for school, I think I've pinpointed a few things that fuel my desire.

With my brother just beginning his college journey, it takes me back to that time in my life. As a freshman, you have SO much lying ahead of you. There are an infinite number of incredible opportunities just waiting for you take advantage of.   At 18, you have no idea what the next four years will hold for you. You have the power to shape and mold those four years into what you want them to be. It's such an amazing time for discovering more about yourself and making your life into what you want it to be.

On some level, the beginning of every school year brings with it a chance to start over. There are new classes to excel in, new friends to be met, and new experiences to indulge in.  The start of a new year means you get to make it what you want. There's a freshness to it that's exciting and wonderful.

No, I'm serious. Who doesn't love picking out that outfit? The one that leaves its mark. The one you'll remember for years to come. The one through which you express what this year is about for you and the person you want to be. The first day of school outfit is more than just an outfit. It's a statement. I hope I'm not alone here or I will undoubtedly sound crazy.  
There's something freeing about the college schedule.  Whether you're a morning person or an evening person, you can (for the most part) tailor your schedule to what works best for you and your personality. In most real-world jobs that is simply NOT going to happen.  So sometimes I miss having something other than a 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule.  Routine is nice, but it's also nice to break free from it every now and then.

And so, September will fly by us and with it will go my longing for my college years.  In all reality, I'm thankful that I had an experience that was so wonderful that it makes me miss the most mundane things like going to class. On the same note, I'm thankful that I've had such an incredible post-college experience that I don't feel the need to long for my college days all year long or to scream "Don't graduate!!" to all of the undergrads.  There is a beautiful world out there to discover, and college is just the beginning of it.


Alissa Kelly said...

I feel you on this! I totally had a dream last night that I graduated high school and all my teachers signed my yearbook lol I don't want to go back THAT far but I do miss college sometimes. I miss my friends the most. I had the best 4 years ever!


Jodi said...

Morgan I can't believe I didn't meet you last night! It was so crowded that I didn't even see you! Hopefully next time.

Andrea Cerqua said...

I can totally relate! I was never one who 'loved' school, but you really nailed it with these! In particular the clean slate aspect of it. Great post!

xoxo andrea

s said...

ahh i remember those days. You're so right- i was not a morning person, and had such rigorous courses that i gave myself all fridays off along with classes starting at ten. It fit my personality, and i loved that. Oh how i wish i could this to my life now!!! xO!

Always Maylee said...

Ohh college! The only thing that I truly miss about college, was having all my friends within walking distance and not having real 'adult' stresses and worries. It was so carefree and that's what I miss!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Alissa said...

If I could have all these great conditions like setting my own school and work schedule I would never leave college! Unfortunately I still have to do school.

Sara said...

Currently on my last semester of college and as much as I love going to class too (SO not ashamed about that ;) hah), I cannot wait for life after graduation. Ya know, being a "real" adult and all. ;)

Stesha said...

i remember the first few years out of college, and even ow, i miss it sometimes. I miss getting school stuff, and "being a college student" and not worrying about real life at the time. ohh such good memories!


smk053078 said...

I miss college...every ounce of it. Yes, I am happy where I am at, but those were the best times of my life. You are so right, all of the opportunity, non-routine, being on your own for the first time...the best! I just wish I would have known more about who I really was and what I wanted to be back then. 18-21 is sooooo are just starting to grow up. Anyway, I could ramble about college all experience that EVERYONE should have!!

Amanda said...

I totally agrees. This time of year makes me miss everything about college!

Taylor Green said...

This really makes me look forward to college [which will be soon!] Looove this post...all of your posts never cease to make me smile :)
CoverGirl + Converse

Susan said...

I loved school! And though I left it not long ago, I'm really happy that I had such a wonderful experience. I watched myself grow and and thrive and it helped me become who I am now, which is awesome. But I'm happy to move on too and embrace all the new opportunities that the 20 something years can bring :) This is such a good list, I can relate to all of it!

Jamie said...

I SO wish I lived in Boston so I could take you up on this offer! Love your photos!

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