The Weekend. Sort of.

Yes, I usually do a weekend recap on Mondays. Truth be told, though, you would not want to see a photo recap of my weekend this week.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. You just wouldn't find it aesthetically pleasing. Here's what it would look like: 

-picture of me sleeping for TWELVE hours Friday night.
-picture of me going to the grocery on Saturday.
-picture of boyfriend making chili.
-picture of me watching TV. 
-picture of me attempting to jog Sunday morning (more on this to come).
-picture of me shopping with boyfriend for new sandals.
-and last but not least, picture of me eating pizza with boyfriend.

See. Aren't you glad you didn't have to scroll through seven boring images? Instead, I forced you to read about it. My bad.

So, about the jogging. This sums it up really well:

During my Sunday morning jog, I got really honest with myself, and I came to the realization that I hate jogging. Or running. Whatever it is, I don't like it.  Put me on a treadmill, and I can handle it.  Put me on the pavement and I look like the dog pictured above.  I've tried and tried and tried to like it. I just don't. I can't help it. I really truly wish I did, but I'm not one of those people and I've decided to accept that.  So this means a couple of things... first it means I'm probably not going to fulfill my New Year's resolution of running a half marathon.  Second, it means I'm looking for a new form of exercise to indulge in.  I feel like the blogosphere is full of CrossFit crazed people, but I'm just not sure that it's my thing. I mean, I can't even jog, so let's be real.  I did some Googling after my treacherous run, and came across The Bar Method.  It seems like something I'd like, and I definitely think it's effective. The problem? It's pretty expensive. So, do any of you have any insight into this? Is it worth the money? Or do you have another (more affordable) form of exercise you'd suggest? I'd love to hear :)

Hope you all had a good weekend! And thank you for listening to my jogging problems :)


Samantha George-Realtor said...

Oh you sooo have to try Bodyrock! It's free, they post a new workout everyday, and you can even go back and complete one of the 30 Day Challenges on the site. The host is adorable & they really change it up to keep your workouts fun each day.

I love love love it! Let me know what you think :)

Natalie Cottrell said...

LOL! You are too funny. I am awful when it comes to exercise, and I, too, feel like a cray beast when I run. But I have done adult ballet classes in the past to stay fit, and I love them. I frequently see Groupons and Living Social deals to try different fitness methods (such as barre), so maybe that'd be a nice way to try something new and ensure it doesn't give you slobber face. ;) Happy Monday, girl!

Allie said...

I'm right there with you on the anti-jogging train. So, I took up jump romping! Sounds like a 5 year old type of exercise, but in all honesty it works your entire body in a fraction of the time. Now, I am not a loyal jump roper, but when I'm having one of those days or just the rare urge to be active, I turn to my trusty jump rope. 10-15 minutes is all you need :) Have a great Monday girly!! xx, Allie

Annie said...

I SO hear ya on the running thing - I hate it both outside AND on the treadmill but force myself to do it anyway...blah! Your weekend sounds a lot like mine :)

The Other Side of Gray

Always Maylee said...

Hahaha, that picture is so funny. Jogging is probably my least favorite thing to do ever. I am so impressed by people who do marathons. I hope you find something that you like, sorry I am of no help in this department!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

smk053078 said...

At least you run...I feel like a BIG failure...I swear I can't even run a mile without dying. My cardio is a little kickboxing or hip hop. I kind of like to shake my groove thing for exercise....LOL! ;)

Amanda Raborn said...

Hahaha Morgan you are cracking me up, sister!

I've gone through the same thing with running and gone back and forth. I will say, I use to hate it but once I got better at it, it was actually enjoyable. I would run until it got the point it wasn't enjoyable anymore and then I would power walk (yes, I just said power walk.... that includes slinging arms and a serious face) and overtime I was able to build some stamina and run for longer and really enjoy it... A great playlist helps too! Something upbeat that gets your adrenaline going but keeps you at a steady pace is usually best. Biggest thing to remember is not to push yourself too far to the point of misery... if you run half a mile and you're starting to feel miserable, stop, walk and enjoy the scenery! It's the only free exercise I can think of! I have looked into Bikram Yoga (yoga in a 100+ degree room) but it too, is pretty expensive!

Side note, swimming is EXCELLENT for your body and tones while you're doing cardio. Not sure if you're a member anywhere you could do that but that's actually one of the best exercises for your body and it doesn't ever really hurt or make you want to lay down on the sidewalk and cry until a car passes that's kind enough to pick you up :) (Been there)

Let me know what you come up with! I'm in this journey too given I live in a city and it's 100+ degrees so running isn't always the best option!

It's an Easy Life

Aimee L said...

I do a lot of working out at home...I prefer exercising in the comfort/privacy of my own living room! I've blogged quite at length about my fitness journey so feel free to check 'er out if you're interested :)

Jes said...

That is definitely how I feel when I go jogging! Feel AND look.

emily @ anna delores said...

I LOVE those two images, haha! Literally laughed out loud. Pure awesome.

Houndstooth & High Heels said...

I don't think anyone really LIKES to run....even the people who claim to-I think they've secretly been brainwashed. I've never done Barre classes (mostly because they cost so much) but I've heard nothing but wonderful things from the people who have. I absolutely love to dance, so I'm really in to Zumba...I take classes at my local Y which are always a lot cheaper than dance studios.

Let me know if you find something you love! I'm always looking for new things to try, otherwise I get bored and unmotivated :)

xo, S

Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

ha ha ha I seriously laughed out loud when I read this. So a LOL is in order here! I look pretty unattractive when I run or work out, but, hey, at least I look and feel good after that shower. BTW it sounds like your weekend was pretty similar to mine. Eating and couch-ing. I wouldn't have it any other way! :) x

His Little Lady said...

oh gosh. those pictures represent me to a tee. too perfect!
and i'm the same. i always try to convince myself that i like running but it never works out. haha
xo TJ

dana @ wonder forest said...

i am sooo anti-running/jogging. i can't do it. i was doing some at home workout vids for a while and they were fun and switch up the running so you're going like 5 miles straight but doing a bunch of different things the whole time. if you're interested just check out leslie sansone's walk at home vids.
xo dana

Allison @ In the Queen City said...

lol... this is too funny! I def feel your pain when it comes to running... my favorite thing to do is pilates! I take classes at the y but you could easier do it at home if you bought a video or something. Good luck!

Clara Turbay said...

The ideas in this blog are spectacular and very tasteful.

Rachel Andre said...

Morgan, I love your honesty on running/jogging. I like it on beautiful days but I'm not a runner enthusiast. I really need workouts that challenge me and switches up often since I get bored quickly. Besides, running on pavement might be hard on your knees. I'm with you on this one.

prettyanddelectable said...

I actually enjoy running, but could definitely see why some might not... Jillian Michaels DVD's are great if you want to work out at home!

Emily + Tyler said...

My sister LOVES LOVES LOVES Barre classes - there are many different places that offer it. Please know that it may not be even close to ballet, as I was rudely awakened to in my first class! I did REALLY like it though. I had a deal for 3 classes, but it was in Newton! But my sister is a devotee, and honestly, if it were less expensive near me (she goes in Danvers, prices drop), I would go back.

Try: Barre n9ne, Boston Body Barre, Pure Barre, or just google "barre" classes, because I know there is a class in Medford that is offered at SpringStep, but is not purely a barre studio.

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