Think About It Thursday

When I saw this quote yesterday, I immediately knew that it would be my Think About It Thursday pick. Sometimes, things like this just pop up at the perfect time, and for that, I am thankful. 

It's so easy to blame our situations or actions on outlying circumstances, when really to some extent WE control them. You can't always control what happens to you, but you do have control over how you react. So friends, here's to directing the sail! :)


Lindsay K {lastyearoftwentysomething} said...

This quote is so true! We can't control people or situations around us, but we can control how we react to them. Great quote!

Megs said...

I love every word of this! It's an important piece of wisdom to hold onto & something my dad would frequently say to me... It can be hard to remember sometimes, especially amidst chaos, stress and whatever else can come in and cause a frenzy, but it's a universal truth we should all commit to memory :) Lovely. xo, Megs

Morgan said...

Thanks, Morgan for the wise words! I couldn't agree more!

Brooke Shemwell said...

Love it! What an inspirational quote. I'm writing it down in my 'quotes to read remember'. :) I had a great one a few Fridays ago from Mark Twain that referenced sailing. You might enjoy it. Check out my blog if interested.

Susan said...

Morgan I love this!! I wish I had a print of it!

Allie said...

Love this! I'm going through some tough stuff with my job {just came up, like yesterday} and I had to step back and remember that I have control over this situation too and freaking out is not the answer. I'm taking control over my own sail :) Thanks for the reminder - couldn't have posted this in a more perfect time {for me}. xx, Allie

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love this! I am writing quotes in a notebook for inspiration - I'm going to add this one :)

Jamie said...

What a great quote.

Gloria said...

I'm really loving this quote! Thanks for the inspirational pick-me-up :-)

His Little Lady said...

great post, girl! and great quote to live by!
xo TJ

Laura said...

Love this quote! :)

Laura xo

Allison @ In the Queen City said...

Great quote... def need to remember this. Thx for sharing Morgan!

Halle said...

wonderful quote!

Cal said...

love this quote - it's so important to remember that we are in control of how we act and react to whatever is thrown our way.

smk053078 said...

This is sooooo TRUE!!! We don't know our future and don't have control of what the Lord has planned for us, BUT we can control how we act and handle situations that are presented in our lives. LOVE this, Morgan!!! Man, I wish we lived closer so we could hang out! I know I am a Grandma in "blog land", but I feel you and I are so much alike!!! Love you, lady!!

Sara said...

Thanks for sharing this, girl! I absolutely adore the quote. Because it's so, so true.


Nuha said...

this is such a good reminder! definitely something i try to live by :-)

HEIDI said...

great quote! thanks for sharing.

xx heidi
life full of loves

Abbigayle Rashae said...

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