Spring? Where did you go?

Last week, Spring had sprung. We were experiencing 80 degree temps and oodles of sunshine in the Northeast and it.was.glorious. Just as I was about to bust my spring and summer clothes out of storage, Mother Nature came along and pulled the rug out from under me. Now, we are experiencing 40 degree temperatures and wind. Not so glorious. I shouldn't complain. It was lovely while it lasted. Now I face the dilemma that I do every year: dressing for cooler weather when the calendar indicates that I should be dressing for Spring.  Here are a few pieces that can help you navigate through this iffy-weather time of the year: 

the trench coat.

I found this bad boy at Forever last week and wanted it SO badly. Of course, they did not have my size, or it would be hanging in my closet right meow. Seriously though, you guys. It's super cute and does NOT look cheap. Only $37.80! And if you're not feeling the yellow, it also comes in a reddish orange color.

the lightweight scarf.


I love lightweight scarves because you can sport them year round. They're great for keeping warm on a cool Spring day without looking too bundle some. Both of these are from Madewell simply because I'm obsessed with all of their scarves. Check it out and obsess with me, please.

bright skinnies.

Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably seen the bright skinny jeans everywhere so I won't bore you with an explanation for this one. I think we can all just agree that they're awesome for Spring and we should wear them. Kapeesh?

colorful ballet flats.

All shoes can be found on nordstrom.com
Sandals can be a little harsh on the footsies when temps are below 60*. Colorful flats will keep those toes warm while still incorporating the fresh spring colors into your wardrobe. Btw, if you follow me you'll see that the vast majority of shoes I blog about are flats. It's because I'm 5'10" and prefer not to make myself any taller :)

What are your tips for dressing for the calendar AND the weather? I'd love to know! :)




Meg Mig said...

This weather is almost hateful! Friday, I wore such breezy light fabrics, a few days later, I'm bundling up yet again in layers and scarves! What's the deal, Mother Nature?

The bright yellow coat is so Spring appropriate & will definitely come in handy during these days, what with nature being so indecisive! The scarves are also a great feature! They're practical in keeping you relatively warm while still decorating your neck with something other than a piece of jewelry! Love the post, Morgan!

xo, Megs

Viviana said...

Love the yellow trench coat!
Found your blog and love it! Now following :)

Taylor said...

Love these pieces!!! Each one is so bright and fun...I especially love those flats!

Sara said...

I love these pops of color!

Ros.E. said...

so sweet colors, great trench, love the pastels trousers...!
I'm your new f !
xxx Ros.e.


Morgan Stone said...

Wonderful! Thank you so much :)

Britt*Secondhand Magpie said...

Living in Texas, I seriously never know what the temp will be, so one day it's a skirt and tank, the next jeans and a scarf. I'm dying to get my hand on more colored skinnies, but they keep selling out before I get to them. Blargh.

Shelly said...

I've resorted to leggings under a maxi. Maxi skirt/dress that is... xoShelly

Val said...

Those pants are so fabulous.

Alexa said...

At least you can still sport the bright colors! :)

Annie said...

Loving those Madewell scarves - so cute! The weather last week was such a tease!

The Other Side of Gray

livewithstyle-ewa said...

Thanks for your sharing, very inspirating.LOVE IT!! Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure!

Adelyn said...

It's like the weather was just messing with us. Cruel and unusual punishment! All of these finds are just plain wonderful! Especially the flats! I am seriously in love with the ones with the bow!

Whitney Paige Blankenship said...

That trench coat is perfect for spring! I have been looking for a nude one in my local thrift stores for a while now. I also just bought a pair of red pants and now I am obsessed with colored pants. Thanks for sharing!


Giovanna said...

Cute picks! Love the yellow trench!


Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

I love that yellow trench!! so perfect for spring!

Rachel said...

Great post!!! I feel your pain in NY... was tanning away last week and now I'm FREEZING my butt off!! What a tease!
xo Rachel


MessyDirtyHair said...

I love lightweight scarfs! They're fun and a great add on to an outfit!

Xx Kelly

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