Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Technically Barbie's birthday is tomorrow, but we can celebrate today, right? She's turning 53 this year. 53. Barbs looks unbelievable for 53.  Let's take a look at how she has transformed since her birth in 1959...

The original Barbie, born March 9, 1959

Barbie 1986 (the year I was born)

Barbie 20 years ago. The 90's were not kind to our friend, Barbs. Who were they kind to, though?

Barbie 10 years ago.

Barbie 2012. Of course she's wearing minimal clothing. It is 2012 after all.

I must say, she looks much different than she did in 1959, but age changes us all. She's the only 53-year-old I know that can rock an orange bikini like that, though :)

Here are some random Barbie facts for you:
-If Barbie were an actual woman, she would be 5'9", weigh 110 pounds, have a 39" bust, an 18" waist, 33" hips, and wear a size 3 shoe. Talk about unattainable! (and gross!)
-If Barbie were an actual person, she would have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.
-There are 2 Barbie dolls sold every second.
-Barbie and Ken were named after Ruth Handler's (inventor of Barbie) daughter and son, respectively.
-The best selling Barbie ever is the 1992 doll pictured above.
-The first Barbie was sold for $3.

What are some of your favorite Barbie memories?

Happy birthday, Barbie!



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