Fabulous Blogosphere Finds

Congratulations!! You survived the week and made it to Friday, the day that you thought would never arrive. It's here, my friends. It. Is. Here. I'm looking forward to doing some serious apartment hunting this weekend and hopefully finding a new oversized closet to live in. I'm feeling confident that our future abode will have an outdoor kitchen resembling this:

Ha! Who am I kidding? All jokes aside though, I really am looking forward to it! Hopefully you have some exciting plans this weekend as well. Until then, here are some of my favorite finds this week to get you through the rest of your Friday:

- A self tanner debate, because it is almost time for that golden glow :)
-An amazing lunch kit/lunch box. Seriously, I want it.
-Make your own twister game.
-Super cute bags for Spring.
-And to prepare you for Monday (eeek, sorry for bringing it up), some bright colored work wear!

And here are some words of inspiration...

What do you have going on this weekend?




Eliza said...

Hi! I just found your blog and am a new follower :) Excited to be one of the first! Your blog is really cute. xo! eliza

Morgan Stone said...

Hi Eliza- Thank you so much!! I'm very happy to have you as a follower! I just checked out your blog as well. Super cute, and I will be following :) xoxo, morgan

Jamie said...

That outdoor kitchen is AMAZING! With those pool swim up seats?! Perfection.

Morgan Stone said...

I know! I think I would cook a lot more if that was where I was cooking :)

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